My childhood years were spent in suburban Australia with a backyard full of beetles, birds, spiders and lizards.  Later I lived in Canada and then New York City, learning to embrace a different kind of nature.

A lover of the planet by design, I have been a photographer by profession for for over 20 years in both New York and Sydney. I recently co-edited an environmental book called One Hundred and One Reasons To Get Out of Bed, and host a podcast called My Home Planet as an extension of that book.


I am a volunteer at my local wildlife rescue organisation WIRES, hold a Bachelor of Arts from UCONN,  am a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a pre-selection judge for the 2017-18 New York Wild film festival and recently launched a pilot program with local schools, aimed at reconnecting children to nature through the creative use of technology-called  Twig2Nature

And I've just launched Twig.fm, a digital channel of extraordinary podcasts by women for the planet. Please check it out and join the Twig tribe. Thanks!!

ant to sol podcast
ant to sol podcast

Ant to Sol is now a proud member of  Twig.fm a digital channel of extraordinary podcasts by women for the planet.


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