Puddle Jumping

September 2, 2017


Do you remember what it was like as a kid when you’d want to jump in every puddle you saw? Well, one girl does and she’s sharing a story of why you might just want to put on the gum boots again.





So, it Turns out that puddle jumping doesn’t always mean what we think it does-believe it or not-it can also mean the act of smoking a bowl of methamphetamines. Yes, specifically the crystals which form a puddle at the bottom of the pipe once it’s heated-who knew?


But the puddle jumping I’m interested in is that one we all know- that memory we have of being a kid and jumping in all those- dirty wet divine mini-ponds after the rain? The ones that splash all over our legs and make us squeal in delight, much to the displeasure of grandma.


Where I live, we haven’t had much rain lately but last week, it poured. I’m not a big fan of umbrellas, actually to be honest-its more the people who use them. So, I made a mad dash towards cover after a meeting that I’d had in the city. with 15 minutes to wait till my bus came, it was just enough time for the rain to stop and the sun to say hello.


Now people watching is an excellent pass time, although most of us don’t do it much these days, but I looked up from my phone to find a young family walking towards me. The little girl was dragging her father like he was a giant sack of potatoes, but she didn’t care and As I followed her determined walk I suddenly saw object of said determination- there- right in front of her was -you guessed it, a shiny new, wet, post torrential downpour puddle, and nothing, not her perplexed father, not her slightly harried mother or her already wet sand shoes was going to stop her from jumping.


And she did, and then something really extraordinary happened, other people looked up from their phones, and while, a few looked as if they felt sorry for the parents, almost everyone started smiling, and some even started laughing, and I’ll bet almost everyone, myself included began remembering what that simple joyous act felt like.


There is a lot of phycology surrounding what children are doing when they decide to go for it-and just jump in-it’s considered a natural instinct- to explore and discover- using senses and motor actions, it’s a way of enhancing their cognitive development and to stimulate the growth of the cerebral cortex


And I’m sure that’s true- but as I can confess to, long after I should have learned all that…. I still jump in puddles, I’ve even invited a friend or two to join me, and you know what, it feels just a good as it did when I was a kid-embarrassment be damned. Now the where, what and how of your own puddle jumping is your own business-You could jump in gum boots, or jump naked, jump alone or with a friend but the reason why- is pretty universal, because it feels so good…and it makes a wonderful antidote to solistaglia.


 So… how about it?



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*"Teddy Bear Waltz" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


image: © Can Stock Photo Inc. /DashaPetrenko





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